Rapalje Family Crest

Rapalje Family Crest

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah de Rapalje

I I am particularly interested in the descendants of Joris and Catalinje Rapalje's first child, Sarah de Rapalje (1625-1685) and her husband, Hans Bergen who had eight children before he passed away at a young age in 1654.( Her second marriage, to Teunis Bogaert, produced another seven children.) Sarah was 60 years old when she died.

Her daughter Breckje Bergen (b. 1642) married Aert Teunisson Middagh.  
Dirck Middagh married Catherine Van Nes.  
Jacobje Middagh (b. 1693) married Adrian Aten (b. 1695).  
Lieutenant Richard(?) Aten married Catherine Warner.
Adaline Aten (b. 1768) married Lieutenant Thomas Beer (b.1756). 
Reverend Thomas Beer (b. 1801) married Margaret Cameron (b. 1809). 
William Nevins Beer (b. 1839) married Mary Denman Swingley. 
William Cameron Beer (b. 1874) married Jessie Blanche Hutchison. 
Their three children were:  William Cameron Beer Jr., Samuel Hutchison Beer, and Margaret Louise Beer--all now deceased. Margaret Louise Beer Glosser was my mother.

Anyone having information regarding these individuals or others connected to these family names, please post to this blog.  Any conflicting information is also welcome.  I am looking to compile as large a database as possible of descendants from the original two immigrants. 


  1. I descend from Sarah Rapalje and her first husband Hans Hansen Bergen. I discovered my ancestry last year on ancestry.com. My mother never knew this, so our history wasn't passed down. Now it is being passed down for the first time by me.
    Sarah Rapalje and Hans Hansen Bergen
    Breekje Hansen Bergen and Aert Theunisen Middagh
    Geertje Claerwater and Jan Aertson Middagh
    Breckje Middagh and Nicholas Westfall
    Catherine Emmens and Nathaniel Westfall
    Sarah Westfall and Thomas Hamilton
    Mary Agnes Logue and James Hamilton, Oh.
    Nancy Adams and Johnathan Hamilton, Oh.
    Sarah Hamilton and David Bower, Pa. and Oh.
    Rosa Bower and Richard Foley, Oh. and Pa.
    Anna Lind and Ernest Foley, were my grandparents. They lived in Ohio and Pa.
    Bernard Valentine and Marian Foley were my parents.
    My family line moved from New York to New Jersey and then to Pennsylvania.
    note: Sarah Westfall drowned while crossing the Swatara River in Pa. Thomas remarried. My parents moved to California from Pa. in 1946. I was born and raised in California and now live in Florida. Vicky Moon My email is: moonjv@gmail.com

  2. What an undertaking! I understand there are more than a million of us. Here's my 12 or so generations...
    I'm actually descendant of three of the original families (Rapareilliet, DuTrieux, Vigne) that came to New Netherlands in 1624 from Northern France (by way of the Netherlands) on the Dutch ship Eendracht to escape religious persecution due to their Calvinist (Huguenot) beliefs. Jan Vigne was the first boy born in Fort Orange (Albany) and Sarah Rapalje was the first girl.
    1. Sarah's second marriage was to Teunis Gysbertsen Bogaert
    2. Their daughter Neeltje Bogaert married Cornelis Teunisen Denyse (his grandfather had arrived in New Amsterdam in 1638) and they moved to Raritan New Jersey, where the Tunison family lived for over 200 years.
    3. Their son Cornelius Tunison married Rebeccah Folkertson who was the great grandaughter of Christina Vigne (also on the Eendracht).
    4. Their son Philip Tunison married Deborah DelaGrange, who was descended from Phillippe DuTrieux and Susanna DuChesne, who were also on the Eendracht.
    5. Their son James Tunison married Margaret Thompson and they moved to Seneca County, New York.
    6. Their son John Larry Tunison married Rebecca Van Duyne.
    7. Their son Rhyneer Covert Tunison moved to Michigan with his parents where he married Samantha Simons.
    8. Their son John Gee Tunison married Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Martin and moved to the Oregon Territory with some of his siblings and their families. John Gee was a founding member of the First Methodist Conference in Oregon and helped to establish Seattle Pacific University.
    9. Their son Cecil Tunison married Bertha Stillwell, who was descended from the Surrey Stillwells and Somerset Hoptons who arrived from England in New Amsterdam in the 1620s to also escape religious persecution. They moved to Olympia, Washington in 1940.
    10. Their son John Larry Tunison married Marallyn Shincke of Olympia, whose was descended of one of the original Washington families who arrived in the Olympia area in about 1879.
    11. Their daughter Wendi Lynn Tunison (me) married Santos Sanchez of New York and moved to California, Colorado, then Maryland.
    12. Our adult children Diana and Alex Sanchez were born in California, are unmarried and currently live in Kansas and Colorado, respectively.

  3. Thanks for your responses, and please keep me informed if you run across others who should post also. Send them my way! Best, Mary

  4. You can find other Rapalje descendants on this FACEBOOK group:
    Rapeljes of facebook unite. Most of the people in this group spell their name differently, but we all descend from Sarah Rapalje.

  5. Yes, Rapaljes of facebook unite! Good group!

  6. How I am Related to
    By Vicky Moon

    Cornelius Vanderbilt 1794-1877 and Sophia Johnson 1795-1868
    Richmond, New York

    Cornelius Vanderbilt and Phebe Hand

    Jacob Vanderbilt and Mary Sprague

    Jacob Vanderbilt and Neeltje Denyse

    Aert (Aris) Janszen Vanderbilt and Hillegonde Remsen Vanderbeek

    Rem Janszen Vanderbeek and Jannetje Joris Rapalje

    Joris Janszen Rapalje and Catalyntje Trico, two of my 11th great grandparents.
    parents of Sarah Rapalje, sister of Jannetje Rapalje.
    Sarah was one of my 10th great grandmothers.

  7. How I Am Related to General Joseph Warren Stillwell (March 19, 1883 – October 12, 1946) A United States Army Four-Star General best-known for his service in China and Burma. Also known as"Uncle Joe" and "Vinegar Joe."
    By Vicky Moon

    Joseph Warren Stillwell 1912-1966 and Winifred A. Smith
    He was called Warren by his family.

    Benjamin Watson Stillwell and Mary A. Peene

    John Stillwell and Cornelia Frances Seymore

    Stephen Stillwell and Nancy Moore

    William Stillwell and Jannetje Stringham

    Thomas Stillwell and Jennekje Bergen

    Hans Bergen and Annatje Eldertse

    Hans Hansen Bergen and Sarah Rapalje, two of my 10th great grandparents.
    Sarah Rapalje, b. July 9, 1625 in New Amsterdam (New York) d. 1685.
    Hans Hansen Bergen, b.1610-1654 Brooklyn, N.Y.

    By Vicky Moon

    Michael Douglas 1944-
    Kirk Douglas 1916- and Diana Dill 1923-

    Thomas Dill 1876-1945 and Ruth Rapalje Neilson 1903-1987
    Nicholas Neilson 1856-1937
    Theodore Neilson 1826-?
    Abraham Neilson 1792-1861 and Catherine Grant

    Rev. Thomas Grant and Theodosia Reading

    Daniel Reading 1727-1768
    Marritje Reyerson 1699-1774 and Gov. John Reading 1686-1767

    Joris Reyerson 1666-1749
    Annetje Joris Rapalje 1646-1681 and Martin Reyerson 1638-1687.
    Annetje was Sarah Rapalje’s sister.

    By Vicky Moon

    Howard Dean III, 1948-
    Governor of Vermont 1991-2003
    Howard Dean Jr. 1921-2001
    Howard Dean Sr. 1897-1950
    Herbert Dean 1865-1943
    Isaac Dean 1832-?
    Robert Dean 1797-? Married Maria Van Vorhees 1797-1852
    Abraham Van Vorhees 1773-1834
    John Van Vorhees 1736-1811
    Daniel Van Vorhees 1701-1768
    Cornelis Van Vorhees 1678-1758 Married Antje Rapalje 1681-1715, 2nd wife.
    Daniel Jorisse Rapalje 1650-1725, brother of Sarah Rapalje.
    Joris Janszen Rapalje 1604-1662 and Catalyntje Trico,1605-1689, parents of Sarah Rapalje 1625-1685.

    By Vicky Moon

    Tom Brokaw 1940-
    Anton (Anthony) Brokaw 1912-1982
    William Brokaw 1869-1943
    Richard Brokaw 1843- 1909
    Joseph Brokaw 1816-1883
    Joseph Brokaw 1782-1861
    Bergon Brokaw 1756-1814
    Jan Brokaw 1709-1804 and S. Van Middlesward, 2nd wife 1685-1760
    J. Van Middlesward 1654-1742 and Catherine Bogart 1660-1707.
    Teunis Gysbert Bogaert, her second husband 1625-1715 and Sarah Rapalje 1625-1685.

  11. How Humphrey Bogart is Related to Anthony Jansen van Salee and Grietje Reyniers two of my 10th great grandparents, and Hans Hansen Bergen and Sarah Rapalje two of my 10th great grandparents.
    By Vicky Moon 2010

    Humphrey Bogart
    Belmont De Forest Bogart and Maud Humphrey
    Adam Welty Bogart and Julie Stiles
    Peter Brokaw Bogart and Agnes Welty
    Jacob Bogart and Mary Brokaw, they were both related by blood from Sarah Rapalje.
    John Brokaw and Maria Vanderveer
    Hendrick Vanderveer and * Antje Van Sickle (Van Sicklen)
    Jan Corneliszen Vanderveer and Femmetje Bergen
    Michael Hansen Bergen and Femmetje Denyse
    Hans Hansen Bergen
    Sarah Rapalje

    * Antje Van Sickle (Van Sicklen)
    Fernandus Van Sicklen and Gertruy Johannes
    Fernandus Van Sicklen and Eva Antonis Jansen
    Eva’s parents were Anthony Jansen Van Salee and Grietje Reyniers.
    Eva was the sister of my ancestor Sarah Jansen who was married to Jan (John) Emans, my 9th great grandparents.

  12. How I am related to
    By Vicky Moon

    Orville Wright 1871-1948 and Wilbur Wright 1867-1912

    Bishop Milton Wright and Susan Koerner

    Daniel Wright and Catherine Reeder

    Geroge Reeder and Margaret Van Cleve

    Benjamin Van Cleve and Rachel Couwenhoven

    Isabrandt Van Cleve and Jannetje Vanderbilt

    Aert Janszen Vanderbilt and Hillegonde Remsen Vanderbeek

    Rem Janszen Vanderbeek and Jannetje Joris Rapalje

    Joris Janszen Rapalje and Catalyntje Trico

    Note: Joris and Catalyntje were two of my 11th great grandparents. Their daughter Sarah and her husband Hans Hansen Bergen were two of my 10th great grandparents. Jannetje was Sarah’s sister.

    1. I want to note that this list is missing a generation. Margaret Van Cleve Reeder was the daughter of John and Catherine (Benham) Van Cleve. John was the son of Benjamin and Rachel (Couwenhoven) Van Cleve.

  13. Mary,
    How exciting to find your blog! I am also descended from Sarah Rapalje and have found her history fascinating. I enjoy family history and I am almost finished with my Masters Degree in Global History.

    I stumbled onto Sarah Rapalje several years ago while doing some of my own genealogical work, then as I have been working on this degree I have become passionate about Sarah and New Netherland in general. I have written several papers on various aspects of New Netherland and plan to write my thesis on this topic as well.

    I am currently writing a paper (for fun) about Sarah and her mother Catlyntje and their families in the early history of New Netherland. My plan was to publish it in a scholarly journal, however, it may end up being a short book. I am really enjoying this.

    I will watch your blog and post more later, I just wanted to introduce myself.

    Lana Holden

    p.s. What are the names of the children in the picture that is posted at the top of your blog?

  14. Dear Lana,

    An inscription on the back of the painting apparently identifies them as Jaques Rapalje, b. 1752, Garret, 1757, George 1759, and Anne 1762.
    Please keep me informed of your progress. I am working on a project for the Brooklyn Museum of Art which will be shown there in Nov., 2010.
    By the way, what is your line of descendancy?
    Mary (marylucier@aol.com)

  15. Lana and anyone else who would like to know, the parents of the brood pictured above were Garret Rapalje (b. 1730) and Helena (De Nyse) Rapalje of New York City.


  16. I wrote a story about the Rapalje children in the painting and what happened to them. If anyone wants a copy send me an email.

  17. Garret was the father of the children in the famous painting “Rapalje Children” by Artist John Durand, in 1768. Garret Rapalje and his wife Helena Denyse,had four children in the painting from left to right: Garret II b. 1757; George b. 1759; Anne b. 1762; and Jacques b.1752.Garret was the son of John a.k.a. Joris Rapalje and Diana a.k.a. Dina Middagh, daughter of Garrit Aertson Middagh. Garret was born in Brooklyn, New York, May 31, 1730. Garret’s grandparents were Jan Rapalje and Annetje Coerts Van Vorhees. His great grandparents Jeronymous Rapalje and Annetje Tunise Denyse and his great - great grandparents, Joris Rapalje 1604-1662 and Catalina Trico 1605–1689, two of my 11 great grandparents.

  18. Joris Rapalje
    Sarah Rapalje
    Lt Michael Bergen
    Femmetje Isabella Bergen
    Cornelius Vanderveer
    Jan Cornelius Vanderveer
    Henry Vanderveer b Somerset Co, New Jersey to d Mercer Co, Kentucky
    Peter Vandivier b Mercer Co, Kentucky
    Issac J Vandivier b Mercer Co, Kentucky
    Monroe Vandivier b Mercer Co, Kentucky
    Florence "Ora" Vandivier b Mercer Co, Kentucky
    Georgia Mae Preston My grandmother

  19. Is this still an active board? I'm a cousin!

  20. I am a descendant of Sarah's sister, Lysbeth Rapelje Hooglandt.

    Andrew Kolstee

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  22. Hello! I have just discovered that I, too, am a descendent. They were my 10th great grandparents. I descend from their daughter Brecktje and her husband
    Aert Theunissen Middagh. Such interesting history!

    Mimi Thomas

  23. The picture featured on this blog of the Rapalje children is hanging in my parents' home. My father's side of the family uses the last name Rapalyea. I'm not sure about the ancestry, but I recognized the crest and painting immediately. So strange!

    1. Hi TRapalyea,

      If you are reading this, could you please reply to this message or send me an email at the address below? I am researching the portrait and would like to get in touch with you.

      ela n a [dot] me s sner [at] g ma il [dot] co m

  24. I found I am Rapalje grand-daughter (great x 10) to Joris and Catalyntie through their daughter Annetje! So many other wonderful parents to still look into. My paternal grandmother's mother comes from the Bertholff line, What a blessing to find this info in 2014 that my "Nana" never knew about her heritage. I was tested by Enterolab for gluten sensitivity several years ago. I have a rare allele HLA DQB1 0609. In tracking on this, I discovered that it is found in approx. 2.32% of World Health Organization population research. I'm certain that it came through my paternal line, as my father had Celiac Disease. It is so interesting to look at the maps where this gene has been found and then see that the history of my "gg...Parents" lines up. CCarnahan

  25. I'm related to Joris Rapalje and Catalina Trico through their daughter Anetje, who married Martin Ryerson. My husband's early ancestors came over on the Mayflower and settled on Long Island. His last name is Hand and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn that we're distant cousins.

  26. Hmmmm, my husband is descended from them 3 times-- twice through Sarah on once through Janetje-- and am sure they had to have as neighbors, the Mabees, in the 1640s!

  27. I am also descended from Sarah's daughter Breckje Bergen (b. 1642) married Aert Teunisson Middagh.

    Dirck Middagh married Catherine Van Nes. (now here is coincidence my name is Kathryn Ness)

    Jacobje Middagh (b. 1693) married Adrian Aten (b. 1695). My grandmother was an Aten and her Aten lines cross twice so many lines go right back to Joris & Catalynje. I love learning about their lives in New Amsterdam and would like to learn more about their lives and family in France!

  28. Here are my ancestors from Sarah and her second husband:
    Dtr Neeltje Teunise Bogaerts married Cornelis Teunison
    Dtr Sarah Tunison married John Emanuel Coryell
    Son John Coryell married Elizabeth Harvey
    Son Joseph Coryell married his 1st cousin Eleanor Coryell
    Dtr Letitia Coryell married Ezekiel Swayze
    Dtr Ruth Swayze married Derrick Hulick
    son William Henry Hulick married Cora May Vinal
    Son William Henry Hulick Jr married Aline Katherine Tiedemann
    Son William Henry Hulick 3rd married Clive Ellis Knowles
    Their daughter is me: Clive Knowles Hulick